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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yahoo! Weather RSS feed

OBSOLETE, please follow this post.

To setup your location for the weather feed you need to visit and search it by zip code or city name and press go.

From the address bar copy the city number...

Edit the AppConfig.xml file. Under System/Others/YahooForecastFeed we enter the follow URL including the city number we get from Yahoo website.

The final URL should be like this...

&u=c - Celsius
&u=f - Fahrenheit

UPDATE: Framework version (type %about% on terminal tab) supports a GUI for weather setup.

        <MailSubject>Alert from Jubito</MailSubject>
      <!-- Addresses that allowed to post notifications to socket specified -->
      <!-- Socket for accepting network messages via telnet, ip cameras, etc -->
      <!-- Web Server -->
      <!-- Microcontroller -->

Save and close the file. To test if it's ok, go to terminal tab and give some corresponding functions like %todaylow%, %todayhigh%, etc.

View more weather functions.

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