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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Web server configuration

Jubito server is configured to listen at http://localhost:8080/www/
Press 'Start' button on Jubito server application, or, if you're using the CLI, type judo server start (judo API). By default web server triggered automatically when it runs.
Next, open a web browser and visit the default localhost address as described above. You can now start using the web interface.

UPDATE: Jubito supports a GUI for most settings.

Of course you can do modifications by editing the configuration file.

In the main directory you'll find the AppConfig.xml file that holds all the information that Jubito needs to be functional. In this topic we'll explain the web server settings.

First edit the AppConfig.xml with your favorite editor and jump to the system settings.

Enter a hostname, IP address or a dynamic dns if you want to have access over the internet, as also an http port. You can change the port if you already use the default 8080. When you finish save and close the file.

Now run Jubito server and press the Start button. Open a browser and enter the address that consist from the hostname, port and the root directory which is by default the www (e.g.: http://hostname:port/www/index.html). Default credentials is admin:admin which you can change by following these instructions. Now you are ready to use Jubito!

        <MailSubject>Alert from Jubito</MailSubject>
      <!-- Addresses that allowed to post notifications to socket specified -->
      <!-- Socket for accepting network messages via telnet, ip cameras etc -->
      <!-- Web Server -->
      <!-- Microcontroller -->


  1. Hi,
    The above process is not working in my ubuntu 16.04.
    How to actually run this, explain with pictures

  2. What exactly not working? Please be more specific. The first screenshot in this post is self explained.
    1. Open a terminal and run the jubito-srv script
    2. Open a web browser and visit http://localhost:8080/www/
    3. Go to settings menu and configure the server

  3. Hi.

    I am struggling to get my setup working. I have no experience in html and server and client setup whatsoever. I did what I understood from the instructions, but it doesnt seem to be working. Here's what I did in app confix xml:

    I changed the hostname line to
    I left the httpport line as default (8080)
    I then opened my browser and entered myserve:8080/www/index.html
    I get an error stating "This site can't be teached, myserv's server DNS address could not be found"
    The address entered in the Hostname line was setup in the tcp/ip 4 DNS server address settings. I want control over the Internet so dynamic DNS settings comes to mind.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, Ronald

  4. This doesn't look like a valid address ( but if it is, then this is not the correct address to reach myserve:8080/www/index.html but
    However I still think that the address you use is incorrect. Have you ever use DDNS before? Can you please provide the exact address or the provider you use? You can try open an account at, this is what I use.
    Also you should configure your router to redirect the IP of machine Jubito runs as well the port.

  5. Thank you for the assistance

    To answer your questions, no I have never used DDNS before until now.
    I opened an account at For example purposes I created a host name being philsserver. The given host on noip is now: " I entered this host name in the AppConfig.xml and kept the port as 8080. I understand that I should configure the router to do port forwarding for the device I want to setup as a server. I will attempt this as soon as I can. I tried connecting to I now get the error: " refused to connect". Am I right to assume this is because I did not configure the port forwarding on the router?

  6. Hi Philip!
    There is no need to thank me, I'm glad when I'm helpful.
    Yes, concerning Jubito, the steps you're describing, are correct. Find the router model and check if it supports noip and then try to set it up. If I can give you any additional help, please do not hesitate to write it up, or send me a message via contact form.

  7. i to am having problems geting the weberver to work. i love this idea and it fits with my tinkering!!
    as soon as i change the host name to port 8080
    the server will not start till i change it back? i have port forwarding on my router and have it set for the dlinkddns service. any help would be great i have tried with the best of my abailites and dont want to give up got the weter api rocking as well

  8. First screenshot illustrates the web server configuration. In the Host field type your, left the port as default (8080) and press save. Restart Jubito server, open a web browser and type
    Also don't forget in windows to run Jubito as administrator.

  9. Thanks for your help. I have given up on this and was really wanting it to work. Love the idea just not working with any settings.

  10. No problem. In case you change your mind drop me a message from contact form to give you further assistance.


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