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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Set up a Gmail notifier

After setting up your gmail account, here's the post to show you how to use the %gmailcount% function to create a gmail notifier.

Go to Control Panel/Mail/Setup/Gmail

Type your username and your password and hit save.

Now we need to make a few scenarios. For instance when emails are more than one then respond with the number of them and so forth. But before we get into that, first we need to create the responses.

Go to Instruction Sets menu, hit Add New Instruction Set Add New Launcher and follow the screenshots. [ Update: For a more efficient way to create responses please read this post. ]

No new messages.
 You have, 1, unread message to your g-mail inbox.
You have, %gmailcount%, unread messages to your g-mail inbox.

Now we have to apply the logic we're talking about in a new Instruction Set.

In the action field copy/paste the following evalBool function...

{ evalBool(%gmailcount% <= 0); no-messages; ; } { evalBool(%gmailcount% == 1); gmail-one; ; } { evalBool(%gmailcount% > 1); gmail-count; ; }

One of each conditions will be evaluated and trigger the corresponding reply.

Finally we can make a daemon with the Scheduler, to perform checks every 5 minutes. From Scheduler menu hit Add New and type a name, select repeat in the period drop down, time in milliseconds e.g. 300000 for 5 minutes and action the Instruction Set that calls the evalBool function i.e. gmail. To avoid getting 'No new messages' every time, make a new Instruction Set that missing the no-messages evaluation.

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