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Monday, February 9, 2015

JubitOS for Banana Pi

JubitOS (Jubito Operating System) is a Lubuntu based distribution for Banana Pi and is available for download. It is an out of the box compilation and it contains all the ingredients for a home automation server/hub. A native system that comes with all the dependencies required, plus some extra features that could be useful, like festival speech synthesis system and cmu_us_slt_arctic female voice package. The image is approximately 3.7GB, so, a 4GB SD card and higher is recommended.

Release Notes
JubitOS for Banana Pi (Linux kernel 3.4.103; 2015-02-09)
Default username: jubito (Caution: The user have administrative privileges)
Default password: jubitopi
  • jubito
  • mono-complete
  • festival
  • cmu_us_slt_arctic-0.95-release

Check this post for installation and extra tweaks.
To update Jubito to the latest version, download and replace extracted files to /usr/share/jubito. You can keep your configuration files AppConfig.xml, .htaccess, .scheduler, etc.

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