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Monday, March 16, 2015

More effective dashboard with real time data

In order to achieve a fully dynamic front end, I started working on a widget factory. The combination of two different Instruction Sets will give us the ability to view additional real time info within a dashboard item in a bubble form.

I will proceed by doing a simple example using framework functions (%greader% or %gmailreader% and %gcount% or %gmailcount%). The first will return the headers of the message(s) and the other one will be the counter.

Go to Control Panel->Add New Launcher and follow the screenshots...

Now we'll create a new dashboard item that includes both of the above.
Navigate to Control Panel->Add New Instruction Set

Scroll down to Add to Dashboard and fill Category, Header, Thumbnail (optional) and Reference field.

Save it and return to the Dashboard. You should be able to see something like that...

When you click Gmail Check you will get the response of gmail launcher.

For older Instruction Sets, edit the AppConfig.xml and add a reference attribute (ref) that points to the Instruction Set ID you want to call. For this example, gmailwidget.

You may notice temperature and humidity values as well in the screenshots. It has the same logic but first you should take a look at arduino tutorials.

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