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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Posting actions via qr code

For simple understanding on how to use RESTful commands, let's make a dummy example with a QR code.
If you want to post to the server over the web, go to your favorite qr code maker ( and select URL. Type your Jubito hostname including the REST style command (/index.html?cmd=<your-custom-instruction set>). When you scan the QR code, the corresponding action will be executed.

On your home network you can use a TCP socket. Check this post to see how to setup a TCP socket to listen for network data.
Syntax...<your-custom-instuction-set>. Just make sure that you have include the senders IP to the trusted list in XML file.

By using a socket you can also access via telnet.
Syntax telnet 5744

See also Communicate over a TCP socket