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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scheduling tasks

Another important tool is the Scheduler. It can be formed as a simple notification, a hierarchy of tasks or as a daemon.

Scheduler Parameters 
Name: a schedule handler.
Date: when an action doesn't need to be repeated and removed from schedule when completed.
    Daily - action takes place every day at specific hour
    Workdays - action takes place from Monday to Friday at specific hour
    Weekend - action takes place every Saturday and Sunday at specific hour
    Specific day {Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday} - action takes place from day specified at specific hour
    Repeat - a repeated action that takes place at a specified time in milliseconds
Action: a simple sentence or an instruction set call

Let's see some examples.

A simple notifier that inform us daily at 9am to take out the trash.

A daemon that check every 5 minutes for unread e-mail messages.

Corresponding Instruction Sets.

Scheduler can fulfill a number of scenarios like, wakeup call (ask me to wake up work days at 7am, tell me weather conditions, turn on the room light), automation control (turn off garden lights daily at 11pm) or check-out after 10am when I'm living for work, etc.

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