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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Setup Clickatel SMS gateway

Clickatel is a famous SMS gateway and its natively supported by Jubito system for sending SMS notifications.

If you already have an account then you can simply go to Control Panel/SMS/Setup and set the API, username and password you've been provided by Clickatel service.

To send an SMS within an Instruction Set do the follow.
Go to Instruction Sets menu and add a new launcher. In the popup window type...

Name: <yourdesiredname> e.g. smsssender
Action: judo sms send <number> `<your message here>`

Telephone format should include the country code, e.g.: +301234567890

When you save the launcher, then it's ready to be invoked by other Instruction Set (see example below) or by using the smssender command. Notice that you need to put an asterisk (*) before launcher in order to be invoked.

If you want to represent this action to dashboard, then fill Category and Header fields. Short description and description are optional.

It can also be revoked by the emergency call button in the main screen.

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