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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Setup gmail, SMTP, POP3

Mail settings is really easy to setup. You can setup any owned account by easily go to Control Panel/Mail and under Setup hit the corresponding button.

These settings apply to %gmailcount%, %gmailreader%, %gmailheaders% and
%pop3count% functions which return information in order to synthesize a new Instruction Set that feed us with information. Responsible command for sending email is judo mail send [params]. A basic Wiki for judo API and built-in functions.

NEW: System email alerts use predefined headers and can be configured by the UI.

If you own a domain name that is associated with your gmail, you can use it as well by giving the full address, e.g.

SMTP is used for sending email notifications when user status is away (system: absent). You can use gmail SMTP for that action. It will also use the headers mentioned above. For example when you receive an email from the system, it will be in form:
Mail from:
Mail to:
Subject: Alert from Jubito
Body: Any action happened.

Username: <your_account_name>
Password: <your password>
Port: 587
SSL: True

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